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If you have ever looked at our website and the services we offer, you might have noticed that, besides our tailor-made services, we offer remote company incorporation packages for Estonian businesses of different sizes and with different operational needs. Unlike some service providers on the market, with us, it doesn’t matter if your business is with digital or physical products, or even services, we can handle just about everything, even with business licences!

Our monthly subscription packages are perfect for those entrepreneurs that like to keep their payments regular instead of paying a sizeable sum at once and only want to use administrative services that are necessary for them to outsource.

We currently have 3 different incorporation packages where the list of our services ranges from legal address and contact person to payroll and accounting. If you would like to learn more about what exactly each package includes, please keep reading as we go over each of them. Incorporate is ready to help you! Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to get more information about any of our services or monthly subscription packages.

Do It Yourself

As the name of the package already indicates – Do It Yourself – it is the most basic plan from the remote company incorporation packages we offer and consists of services that are mandatory to have for your Estonian company if it is managed from abroad and does not have a local board member, who can legally be the company’s contact person.

This package is perfect for entrepreneurs who can handle the administrative tasks on their own and are just interested in having a local contact person and legal address at an affordable price.

Included services in the Do-It-Yourself subscription package:

  • Legal address for company registration

According to the Estonian law, all companies that are managed from outside of Estonia and do not have a local shareholder, must use a legal address and contact person service which is provided by a notary, a notary’s office, a lawyer, a law firm, a sworn auditor, an audit firm, or a company service provider like Incorporate.

  • Postal mail digitisation & forwarding

As our address will be your company’s official address in Estonia, and marked so in the e-Business register, all mail that comes on your business’ name will be forwarded by us to you by opening them, scanning the documents, and sending them to you by e-mail.

  • Authorised contact person for procedural documents

Our company will be marked as your local contact person in Estonia and will be a passive representative of your company for any procedural document. We think it is important for you to know that the contact person does not have any right to make declarations of intent on behalf of your company and is only a contact person.

  • Multiple shareholders allowed

Unlike some service providers on the market, the companies that we deal with are allowed to have more than one shareholder of the company as we understand the need to have multiple people taking care of one business, or even having a company owning a share.

  • Customer support via e-mail

With every plan, we help our customers out and offer them support via e-mail regarding our collaboration,

Digital Nomad

The Digital Nomad remote company incorporation package offers all basic administrative needs that a new Estonian company would need and is perfect for entrepreneurs, who are looking to establish their first or even their second company in Estonia.

Unlike the Do-It-Yourself package, the Digital Nomad package includes a payment account and much needed accounting services which ensure that your company gets on the right track from the beginning and that your books are kept according to the Estonian standards.

Services included in the Digital Nomad subscription package:

  • Company formation in 1 business day

In case you already are an Estonian e-Resident, once you sign up for the Digital Nomad or Business Pro package, we will establish your company within just one business day, considering that you do it during business hours.

In case you are not an e-Resident yet, but would like to sign up, please send us an e-mail so we can assist you in establishing your Estonian company with a Power of Attorney document or your visit to Estonia. Please consider the fact that when you incorporate without being an e-Resident, the process can take longer than one business day and depending on which method you use.

  • Verification of the business name

Selecting your business’ name is one important step during the business creation process as this will be your company’s first legal name and will start appearing on all documents and local registers. Furthermore, there are some criteria that your business’ name must fit in, like being distinguishable from your competitors and using the Latin/Estonian alphabet.

  • EMTAK classification selection

EMTAK classification means selecting the industry that your company mainly operates in and having your business characterised in that sector which will also be reflected in the Estonian Business Register. It is also important to know that your business will not only be limited to operate in that sector, however, if you start operating mainly in another industry, you must change your EMTAK classification.

  • Preparing and filing incorporation documents

We will gather all the necessary information form you which we will need to establish your Estonian company for you.

We, as a corporate service provider, also need to do our own customer due diligence and comply with the Estonian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act as a part of this procedure. Therefore, as a part of this process, we will ask you to provide

  • Postponed share capital contribution

This means that you will not be required to make your Estonian OÜs initial share capital contribution of €2,500 and will be postponed. However, please note that you need to make the contribution in full in case you wish to distribute dividends or raise the share capital amount.

  • Payment account

We will find the best banking solution which compliments your business the best. Many of our customers, and other e-Residents and Estonian business owners, are operating very smoothly by opening a payment account at a Payment Service Provider or at a Fintech bank. Popular of which are Payoneer, Wise and Stripe. If your business definitely needs a local bank account and is in a position where the possibility of obtaining one is high, we can assist you at an extra cost, as traditional banks need more documentation.

  • Accounting services

Once you subscribe to our package with accounting services, we will start registering your accounting documents using an offline accounting program and a standard chart of accounts for recording your accounting entries. With the Digital Nomad and Business Pro package, you will have a monthly amount of 20 free entries, in case the number of entries exceeds that number, the nominal price of €0.68 (excl. of VAT, if applicable) for an entry is applicable.

  • Billing & invoicing

You will have billing and invoicing capabilities which enable you to provide your customers proof of payments or invoices to be paid whenever you wish to!

  • Digital Nomad Visa application support

In case you wish to take part of the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa programme, we are ready to provide you our support and guidance in the process regarding the documentation needed and the steps you need to take to come and live in Estonia under that programme.

Business Pro

The Business Pro is our most sophisticated package and is meant for entrepreneurs who already have a concrete plan in place for their business and wish to start operating at the highest possible level immediately while Incorporate takes care of all the local administrative needs.

The Business Pro includes every service that the Digital Nomad package includes, except the Digital nomad visa application support service, and has our full post incorporation support. Furthermore, the Business Pro package is designed so that you can hire employees for your Estonian company, be VAT registered and have all local tax matters taken care of by us.

Services included in the Business Pro package:

  • Payroll & dividends

In case you plan to hire employees or wish to pay out dividends on a regular basis, the Business Pro package is for you, as we will take care of the accounting side of having employees and paying dividends. This can be very beneficial in case you are not familiar with the Estonian tax system and wish to hire local employees. However, Estonian companies are also allowed to have foreign employees.

  • Monthly tax reports

Having employees and/or being VAT registered with your Estonian company brings on the necessity to do reporting on salaries paid and VAT exemption used between two VAT registered companies, which we will do for your company with all the documentation we will have from offering you accounting services.

  • Annual report

All Estonian companies have the obligation to submit their annual reports 6 months after their financial year has ended. This also goes for companies which have had no financial activities during the period of reporting. Here, we submit the annual report for your company to the local authority in time and according to the Estonian standards.

  • VAT registration

Having your business VAT registered can be a good sign for businesses which you wish to partner up with to achieve mutual goals and collaborate with. Furthermore, VAT registration in Estonia is voluntary and can be done even before you reach the legal annual taxable income threshold. Once exceeding the threshold, your business must register for VAT. In case you wish to sign up for the new VAT OSS Scheme, we can help you with that as well.

  • Registering employees in the employment register

All legal entities that who can provide employment are obligated to register employment and their employees in the employment register and it must be registered at the latest when the employee starts working for the entity. This means that we will handle the employment registering process for your business.

  • Post incorporation support

Unlike the e-mail support, which is available for the Do-It-Yourself package and the Digital Nomad package as well, if you subscribe to the Business Pro, you will get post our incorporation support regarding any technological or administrative challenges you may face in Estonian business environment within a reasonable limit.

How to sign up for one of our remote company incorporation package

Signing up for one of our subscription packages is easy. Just select the plan which is right for your business from our shop page and fill in the necessary information.

For payment, you can use any widely accepted credit or debit card, or you can order separately via a bank transfer, PayPal, or Western Union.

Once you have made your payment, you will be redirected to a page which contains an incorporation form for your business, so please be prepared to provide quite a lot of information about your business, so the process goes smoothly. After filling the incorporation form, our dedicated corporate advisor will contact via e-mail you who will provide you with further details and instructions about having your Estonian company ready for business.

You can unsubscribe at any time!

It is important for us that you are aware that you can unsubscribe from our remote company incorporation packages at any time just by contacting us using the contact form on our homepage or by sending an e-mail at

Once you unsubscribe, the contract will be terminated, and you have the obligation to change your Estonian company’s contact person and legal address, as we will no longer be providing these services to you. In case you do not change the contact person and legal address, we will notify the Estonian eBusiness Register and you can no longer use our services.

Still not sure which remote company incorporation package is right for you?

In case you would like to discuss and find out which of our incorporation packages will fit your Estonian company the best, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out!

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