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What information does an accountant need to prepare an annual report?


It is true that the presentation of the financial year report has become a topic that experienced entrepreneurs know quite well, but there are still entrepreneurs who are starting out and are looking for practical information about it. That's why we decided to write an overview of the information an accountant needs to prepare an annual report to simplify the process for all parties involved.

Jelena Vilbaum: 4 tips for smooth cooperation with the accountant when submitting the annual report


In connection with the end of the financial year and the beginning of the annual report submission period, we conducted a short interview with our head accountant, Jelena Vilbaum, in order to provide practical and useful advice that will help prevent headaches for both entrepreneurs and accountants in connection with the submission of the annual report.

Grants for start-ups in Estonia


There are numerous reasons why new and experienced founders are looking towards Estonia to launch their start-up businesses. Besides offering a fair and simple tax environment and ease of running a business, Estonia has also become a place where the ideas that shape tomorrow are born and get their funding. Along with that, the Estonian government is working tirelessly to develop an ecosystem that...