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Choosing a corporate service provider in Estonia


Corporate service providers in Estonia have been around for quite a long time and were popular even before the e-Residency program was launched in 2014. Since the introduction of the programme which enables foreign entrepreneurs to have a business in Estonia, much more corporate service businesses that are directed towards helping e-Residents to establish and manage their businesses in Estonia...

Tax advice in Estonia | Tax advisor Estonia


While embarking on a business journey in Estonia is exciting, you cannot forget about the importance of having your taxes taken care of in the correct manner. It is no secret that Estonia can be a good place to have a business due to the fair tax rates and the 0% tax incentive to keep investing in your business. However, when you are coming from a foreign country with new jurisdictions can be a...

Liquidation of your Estonian company


Liquidation of your Estonian company is a process of bringing your business to an end and distributing its assets to owners. A liquidation event usually happens when a company does not have any positive income and is insolvent or there is no use for the company. Therefore, the remaining assets that the company has are used to pay creditors and shareholders based on the rights that they have for...