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Asset management and investment planning for Brazilian e-Residents in Estonia


Estonia is Europe’s hub for technology, innovation and digital businesses. This has made it the perfect location for entrepreneurs across the globe to establish their businesses and holding companies in order to make investments. Professional asset management and investment planning in Estonia for oncoming generations is the key to long-term success and sustainability. Estonia is the perfect...

Branding and intellectual property in Estonia


All over the world intellectual property is guaranteed as a social function. Among many of its functions, intellectual property is a guarantee of appropriation of intellectual creations and distinctive signs that make up people’s patrimony, as intangible assets, being a disciplining regime of conduct in the market, aiming at fair competition between economic entities. Intellectual property...

Getting started with your e-Residency card and signing documents


Once you have your new e-Residency card, you are officially an Estonian e-resident and you will have access to all digital services. You can access these government and private sector services with your newly obtained card and the smart card reader. Like the local Estonian residents, you are now a part of the digital infrastructure and all your personal information is stored in the cloud. Before...

Maintenance costs of an Estonian company


When one is determining the foreign jurisdiction where they wish to open their business, a very important question which we often get asked is related to the maintenance costs of an Estonian company. The importance of knowing the maintenance costs obviously comes from the necessity of doing cost related forecasting and to see how much investments on a regular basis would be needed to have the...

Invoicing in Estonia | Guide


An invoice is a document that certifies the occurrence of an economic transaction and is a basic document used in accounting. Invoicing in Estonia can only be done by legal entities and sole proprietors, natural persons must use a contract. The Estonian Accounting Act describes the information which must be present on an invoice as well as the format of an invoice while the Estonian Commercial...