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Virtual office in Estonia


According to the Estonian laws, an Estonian company must have a local address, where procedural documents can be delivered and the company can be reached by, even when managed from abroad. Also, having an Estonian mailing address and phone number will indicate that your company is trustworthy and provides a more professional image to other parties. Therefore, many of our clients have opted in to...

Virtual currency accounting and bookkeeping services in Estonia

virtual currency accounting

The virtual currencies sector is growing larger day by day as new business ideas are brought to life and governments around the world are starting to accept and regulate the industry. However, running a company that deals with virtual assets can be complicated when you must keep accounting records and make reports to a local government. Therefore, you should think about outsourcing your...

Who can benefit from establishing a business in Estonia?

establishing a business in Estonia

First, it is important to mention that the business activities that different foreign entrepreneurs practice in Estonia is very broad. Based on some market analysis and drawing conclusions regarding the opportunities that arise for different people with different backgrounds, we have brought out some examples that illustrate the reasons who and why should someone comes aroung to establishing a...

Accounting and tax compliance services in Estonia

accounting and tax compliance services

All Estonian companies have the obligation by law to keep records of all their business transactions and make reports which will then be presented to the local authorities. To do this correctly, sound knowledge of accounting, reporting and local laws are needed, which can make it all a bit complicated. Since most communications with the local authorities are in Estonian, many businesses we work...

Remote company incorporation packages | Estonia

remote company incorporation

If you have ever looked at our website and the services we offer, you might have noticed that, besides our tailor-made services, we offer remote company incorporation packages for Estonian businesses of different sizes and with different operational needs. Unlike some service providers on the market, with us, it doesn’t matter if your business is with digital or physical products, or even...

Registered address and contact person service for Estonian companies

address and contact person service

If you have investigated the idea of creating your own company in Estonia, you probably have also heard of the necessity to use a registered address and contact person service. The mandatory use of this service is first and foremost important for Estonian businesses that are controlled and managed outside of Estonia, which in fact was not even a possibility prior to the 15th of January 2018.